Ernest Istook, Attorney at Law

Over 30 years of legal experience

Ernest Istook has over 30 years of legal experience, and is licensed to practice law in the State of Oklahoma, the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal courts.

His work has included representing injured persons, businesses, representing persons damaged by malpractice and also representing physicians, handling real estate disputes, injuries caused by defective products, and a host of other matters.

Ernest successfully reversed decades of contrary law in the landmark case of Brigance v. Velvet Dove, persuading the Oklahoma Supreme Court that taverns or restaurants who serve minors or already-intoxicated persons can be held legally responsible for injuries caused by those persons, especially by drunk drivers. Istook's arguments persuaded the Supreme Court to unanimously reverse decades of contrary court decisions. This Brigance case is often cited in law schools and legal journals.


If you have a legal matter to discuss with Ernest, you can reach him at (405) 659-6500, or via email to

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